printk() is function that is used to print messages in the kernel code. The messages are stored into an internal buffer and show on the registered consoles. They could be read and stored by userspace when the system is running. The messages might not reach the console or userpace when the system crashes. One way to see them is reading them from a kernel crashump.

crash-python is a semantic debugger for the Linux kernel. It is a very powerful tool for analyzing kernel crashdumps.

There is going to be a new lockless implementation of the internal kernel logbuffer. The messages will be stored a more complicated way. There will be actually two ringbuffer. One for data and one for metadata. There will be also flags that will define validity of each entry.

The aim of this project is to allow reading the new format of the lockless ring buffer by crash-python.

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      It was finished during the Hackweek 19.

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