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Finish Making a grub-ipxe package for opensuse like Ubuntu has

a project by blarson

In ubuntu, you can install grub-ipxe, which adds an ipxe entry to the grub menu. This allows you to easily pxe boot on machines that may not natively support it. You can also use it along with grub2-reboot to remotely re-image a machine. The project has been started here: It needs to be tested, and polished before trying to include it into opensuse.

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Implement ZSTD + BTRFS support to GRUB2

an invention by dsterba

The ZSTD is a new compression method, potential replacement for existing methods. The support has been added to linux 4.14, but the bootloader support is missing. Goals:

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grub2: implement LUKS2 detection in grub-probe

a project by pvorel

Project Description

Grub has limited LUKS2 support in master branch for few months (only PBKDF2, Argon2 is not yet supported). It'd be useful to implement LUKS2 detection in grub-probe in order not have to specify required modules manually.

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