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YES Certification Video Tutorials

a project by dstokes

The YES Certification Tool Kit has long needed Video Tutorials for clean step-by-step tool usage and configuration. These will be done with video screen scrapes and audio overlay.

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SUSE System Certification Kit Video Tutorials

an idea by dstokes

I am trying to create video tutorials for setting up and using the SUSE YES Certification testing environment

I would like to create some troubleshooting videos and videos that demonstrate how to gather log files and submit test results to SUSE

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Installation server setup utility - continued

a project by csalmond

Project Description

Create a utility that will simplify setup a SLES machine to be a PXE boot server. This will include installing and setting up tftp, dhcp client/server, nfs server, and vsftp server. Selecting, mounting, exporting, ISO and kiso images for PXE installation and setting up PXE boot menus.

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