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openSUSE audiophile Squeezeboxserver + Squeezeplay

a project by aginies


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Explore & Deploy new podcast platform

an invention by tonghuix



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YES Certification Video Tutorials

a project by dstokes

The YES Certification Tool Kit has long needed Video Tutorials for clean step-by-step tool usage and configuration. These will be done with video screen scrapes and audio overlay.

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investigate Bose headset tools and add support for QC Earbuds

a project by fcrozat

Project Description

There are several tools which are reversed-engineering Bose Bluetooth protocol to control some specific

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Jitsi for Hackweek

a project by rsimai

Primarily to support Hackweek, but also to gain experience for a potential future corporate use, I like to run the open source Jitsi in a SUSE context and within a setup that is close to what SUSE IT is doing. The service will be built in AWS/EKS within the SUSE E&I space and should be up and running on day 1, but will need love during the 5 Hackweek days to

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