one of the top features a distribution must always ship in a working state is wireless. Yet we have no way to test it in an automated way. To be able to do that via openQA we need qemu to emulate a wireless adapter. Whether it's emulating existing hardware or implements some virtio device that only works on Linux doesn't matter.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

qemu kernel

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    • vbotka
      over 8 years ago by vbotka | Reply

      FYI. " wifi-test is fully automated test script for linux wireless drivers" available at . Some results of the tests can be found at Cisco AP, Dlink and ASUS AP with CLI (Command Line Interface). For example, Dlink DWL-8200 AP and Cisco1200 series AP is needed. HTH.


    • bmwiedemann
      over 8 years ago by bmwiedemann | Reply

      So emulating the wireless adapter alone is not sufficient - it also needs an access point (either physical or virtual) to receive the raw wireless 802.11* data and respond to association requests etc.

    • a_faerber
      over 8 years ago by a_faerber | Reply

      Some years ago an Austrian university tried to contribute Wifi emulation but threw a big blob at us, mixing random Windows hacks with the actual adapter/network emulation code, and didn't care to clean that up. Probably still available in qemu-devel archives as a starting point.

    • clownix
      over 4 years ago by clownix | Reply

      Cloonix software can do wifi from version 42.03. It uses the mac80211_hwsim kernel module and an agent in the guests that transmits the signal from guest to host and to other guests.

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