Use the V4L2 API in a PySide qt6.3 application to capture frames, monitor and adjust image exposure from a camera Frame capture is functional I had equivalent functionality working with shell scripts and an application that no longer works.

Provide a qt6.3 based UI in Python to select from available V4L2 cameras and perform frame capture at a user configured interval. Allow user to select from available frame sizes supported by V4L2 camera. Allow user to configure day and night targets for image exposure (brightness, contrast and saturation). Allow user to specify V4L2 camera device controls that adjust each exposure property during day and night. Allow manual adjustment of camera controls. Provide for user entered material for automatic captioning of frames, e.g. text, datestamp and timestamp Automatically calculate day and night periods from user provided latitude/longitude. Provide for enumerated frame collection and daily ffmpeg timelapse generation from those frames at the end of the day. All re-usable properties to be part of persistent application configuration per-camera. Multiple instances can be run simultaneously for different cameras.

Aiming to get at least as far as day and night auto-exposure reliability.

Reach a usable frame capture application, perhaps not the enumerated frames.

No other data available, personal interest as a photographer. Would like to see it published but perhaps it won't be ready for that.


I would hope to be within months of being able to publish a usable tool Others with an interest in reliable video and photography from V4L2 cameras V4L2

Looking for hackers with the skills:

photography video python qt6

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Hack Week 21


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