Create a framework for running tests distributed across a number of hosts. The goal is to be able to run tests for things like

  • typical server/client applications like NFS, LDAP, Kerberos, HTTP
  • network infrastructure services like DNS, DHCP, ...
  • network client functionality, like wicked
  • Linux Containers

For the current code base, see

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    • okir
      almost 11 years ago by okir | Reply

      Current state: basic functionality is working, you can write and run simple test cases. More advanced stuff is missing, though. It's also woefully underdocumented.

    • okir
      over 10 years ago by okir | Reply

      Spent some more time working on it. Now I have a bunch of RPMs, and Appliance image and a first test case - for NIS server/client.

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