Few months ago I switched my home workstation and media center to Micro OS desktop and I cannot imagine switching back to normal distribution. After some consideration I realized it should work fine (even better) on the notebook I am using for work. I need a clean reinstall anyway as after almost 2 years, stuff is quite messy. So why not doing both things in one go?

Project Description

Do a general cleanup of my work notebook, replace current Tumbleweed with MicroOS. If it goes smoothly I will try looking for a solution how to maintain and update multiple toolboxes. Might try writing a script that uses podman API.

Goal for this Hackweek

  • make a proper backup of everything
  • make a list of applications I currently use
  • check which can be covered with appimages, flatpaks and which are not covered by any solution.
  • reinstall OS
  • create toolboxes for applications not covered by flatpak/appimage
  • if there is not other option, install apps inside root image


I decided to document the project on my confluence page below: https://confluence.suse.com/display/~lpalovsky/MicroOS


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZLckDUDYjw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F7iCntjWB8 https://dariofaggioli.wordpress.com/2020/10/16/opensuse-microos-as-your-desktop-install/ https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:MicroOS http://docs.podman.io/en/latest/

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

This project is part of:

Hack Week 20


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    • rangelino
      9 months ago by rangelino | Reply

      Stupid question? Is this SUSE MIcroOS or some other MicroOS?

      • dfaggioli
        9 months ago by dfaggioli | Reply

        It's this one (I think add-emoji ) https://microos.opensuse.org/

      • lpalovsky
        9 months ago by lpalovsky | Reply

        Yes, it is indeed Suse MicroOS. I didn't even know there is another one with similar name.

    • dfaggioli
      9 months ago by dfaggioli | Reply

      Hey @lpalovsky ! Nice to learn about this plan of yours add-emoji If you need anything (especially around toolbox), ping me on whatever media/chat and I'll be happy to try to help!

      • lpalovsky
        9 months ago by lpalovsky | Reply

        Thanks, sure. I cannot wait to have my work notebook OS clean and tidy :D I am really interested if I manage running things like SAPgui or Hana studio inside the toolbox.

        • dfaggioli
          9 months ago by dfaggioli | Reply

          Yep, I know the feeling! And kudos for doing so many things already with MicroOS / toolbox add-emoji

          For install, an approach that I followed in the past (but that I've failed documenting and keeping together properly, so it now bitrotted :-/) was to put together kind of per-machine or per-usecase combustion scripts.

          Pre-MicroOS, I had started to do something similar with salt (but again, never really finished) which is indeed nice. But when on MicroOS combustion (or a combination of ignition and combustion) would be better, IMO

    • NMoreyChaisemartin
      9 months ago by NMoreyChaisemartin | Reply

      Nice idea. Not ready to switch my desktop yet but definitely giving it a try for my NAS/Homeserver.

      @dfaggioli MicroOS portals talks about a Leap version but couldn't find any more info on it. Is it still very experimental ? Also is ther any drawbacks to using cron ( I saw that it's not installed by default) as I have a whole bunch of stuff in cron.(daily|monthly) that I don't really want to migrate to systemd if I can avoid it.

      • dfaggioli
        9 months ago by dfaggioli | Reply

        Wow, so many questions, and I have so few answers :-( So, I don't know much about the MicroOS Leap project. It was announced as experimental, but I've personally never heard much from it. Maybe Richard and/or Thorsten know more... Asking on the opensuse-kubic mailing list is what I'd do.

        About corn, I don't use it (and I don't have it installed either in my MicroOS workstation), so I can't be 100% sure. But I think it should work fine.

      • sydsb
        9 months ago by sydsb | Reply

        You can still find the LEAP versions when you click on "If you are keen, try our experimental images based on openSUSE Leap." on the bottom of the first group of downloads, just above "Cloud-Init Based Configuration"

    • RBrownSUSE
      9 months ago by RBrownSUSE | Reply

      I'd like to help out, folding back any steps we need to improve in the other MicroOS Desktop Hackweek Project at https://hackweek.suse.com/20/projects/microos-desktop

      • lpalovsky
        9 months ago by lpalovsky | Reply

        Thanks. I decided to document my progress and created a confluence page. Thought it might be helpful to anyone trying this as well and include any obstacles I encountered. https://confluence.suse.com/display/~lpalovsky/MicroOS

    • sydsb
      9 months ago by sydsb | Reply

      Hi, that's great, I'm a MicroOS desktop user since several months and have worked on this setup manual on the openSUSE-docs-revamped site. If there is anything you notice that is wrong or that we are missing, please sent a PR with an update.

      Thanks and good luck next week :)

      • lpalovsky
        9 months ago by lpalovsky | Reply

        Oh thank you. I already see few things I did not know about.

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