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HA team servers deployed many services, including common services like http/ftp/database/jenkins, customized project like HA jenkins CI automation testing framework. Some of them also worked as virtual hosts for HA CI testing. Most of the services are directly deployed on host, some of them managed/protected by pacemaker based HA stack. Few services are still use docker compose that prevent migrate to podman. Some servers are still in SLE12SP2 due to the time consuming re-deployment.

This project is target to simplified the structure. Use the abilility of container/k8s for high availability. Try leverage HCI infrastructure like harvester.

Goal for this Hackweek (Can't finish all in this Hackweek actually)

  • Use the public container image for some services. (~1 day)
  • Containerize the HA jenkins CI project server part (~3 days)
  • Containerize the HA jenkins CI project client part with vhost(~3 days)
  • De-compose the containers with docker compose and 100% podman/buildah (~1 day)
  • Install and familiar with harvester (~2 days)
  • Compose and deploy the services in harvester (~5 days)



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Hack Week 20


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