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SUSE dissolved an old warehouse, containing lots and lots of boxes with old SUSE / SuSE / S.u.S.E software. All of those boxes were originally going to be dumped in March 2021, which could be prevented. They are now stored in the SUSE Event Area in Nuremberg.

This project aims to screen the existing stock and create an inventory list. With this list it may be easier to decide what should be preserved and what can be dumped forever.

The final goal is to preserve the older part of SUSE's history and keep at least one copy of each item.

Goal for this Hackweek

  1. Create an inventory list of the existing stock. Lots of hidden gems and unknown products there!
  2. Keep one of each item for SUSE's museum.
  3. Find potentially interested parties (employees, archives / museum) for remaining stock.

And then we can get rid of the remaining boxes :)


If there are more software archeologists who think it's interesting to catalogue and preserve existing stock (and yes, it's a lot of boxes - 150 to be exact) feel free to join. Fortunately there's still enough room in the Event Area to do an inventory.


--> Inventory list. The list should be complete now except for a few loose floppy disks.

--> Image gallery with detailled pictures of the complete treasure!

Some Pictures


Stack 1 Stack 2 and 3 Stack 4



Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 20


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    • jbohac
      9 months ago by jbohac | Reply

      FYI, we had a very modest "museum" (some 20-30 boxes on display) in the Prague office before the last move from Lihovarská to Křižíkova (few years back). I remember these got packed in some boxes and are likely lying somewhere in storage. I don't think there were any rare boxes there but if you're interested, we could try to find these in the Prague office storage, possibly send you the ones you're missing and throw out the rest as well.

      • fos
        9 months ago by fos | Reply

        I guess I should mention that I'm talking about ~50 moving boxes (I've adjusted the description accordingly), each containing dozens of individual software boxes, so it is really taking a lot of space.

        If it's really just 20-30 individual boxes, then I'd suggest keeping them and think about restoring the small museum instead ;-)

    • tdz
      9 months ago by tdz | Reply

      Hi! I'd be interested in old Suse Linux distros for nostalgia, specifically 5.1. That was my first Linux. I'd even have an old Pentium here to run it :)

      • fos
        9 months ago by fos | Reply

        I think I've seen very few copies of it! (Though I'm not entirely sure any more - I've seen so many boxes and had so little time...) The oldest versions I've found so far were Slackware based, but came in a jewel case only.

        I'll definitely reserve one for you if there are some in the archive! (And if this project gets approved in this form by our management - a reply is still outstanding.)

        • tdz
          9 months ago by tdz | Reply

          Cool! Thanks a lot!

        • tdz
          9 months ago by tdz | Reply

          I hope this doesn't look too greedy: I also have fond memories of Suse Linux 6.3. So if 5.1 is not available, 6.3 would also be nice.

          • fos
            9 months ago by fos | Reply

            Greedy? I'm glad about every piece that doesn't get trashed, so feel free to request whatever you want add-emoji

            SuSE Linux 6.3 is available in multiple editions, so choose wisely or take one of each.

            S.u.S.E. Linux 5.1 is also available, but only in English or in the Business Variant for Siemens Nixdorf - I assume there should be a German retail box too, but it's not there...

            • tdz
              9 months ago by tdz | Reply

              Awesome! Thank you so much! In this case, I'd like to take the german CD edition of 6.3 and the english edition of 5.1. Do you know where to send this.?

    • ancorgs
      9 months ago by ancorgs | Reply

      In Canary we also have a very modest exposition (in an office we use to share among several home-office workers). See it at

      It would be cool to have the opportunity to raise a voice before the discarded boxes are dumped. We may like to adopt some of them.

      • fos
        9 months ago by fos | Reply

        I fear you won't take the whole stock, will you? add-emoji

        I still hope at least some parts will find a new owner.

    • fos
      9 months ago by fos | Reply


    • mook_work
      9 months ago by mook_work | Reply

      If there is anything they don't have, could probably take them (digitally).

    • jsevans
      9 months ago by jsevans | Reply

      While not exactly the same thing that you are doing, I found this a while back while doing Usenet research: One of, if not the very first, advertisement for SUSE 1.0

    • q5sys
      8 months ago by q5sys | Reply

      I'm definitely interested if you have extras you are willing to part with to a collector, I've been piecing together a collection over the past decade... here's the current state: For SuSe versions, I have Boxed 4.3, unboxed 5.1, Boxed and Sealed 5.3 (two of them), then 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 8.0 Personal, 8.0 Professional, 8.1 Personal, 8.1 Professional, 8.1 Personal, 8.2 Professional, 9.0 Personal, 9.0 Professional, 9.1 Personal, 9.1 Professional, 9.2 Professional, 9.3 Professional, 9 Enterprise, 10.0, 10.1, 11.0 Most of the older ones never made it to North America so they are impossible for me to track down.

    • tux93
      8 months ago by tux93 | Reply

      Very cool Project, if there are no other takers I'd be interested in one of the 8.2 Professional boxes, as that was my first contact with Linux as kid on moms PC add-emoji

      • fos
        8 months ago by fos | Reply

        You'd just have to define which one(s) - there are multiple languages and variations available add-emoji

        • German
        • German (Update)
        • German (with t@x 2003)
        • German (Update, with t@x 2003)
        • German (with PartitionMagic 8.0)
        • English
        • English (Update)
        • English (with PartitionMagic 8.0)
        • Spanish
        • Italian
        • Hungarian

        See for a visual overview.

        • tux93
          6 months ago by tux93 | Reply

          Whoops missed your reply, I'm inclined to ask for a German box since that's what we had and an English one for since I doubt there was a Dutch version ^^;

          btw the picture you linked is 8.1, 8.2 was right next to it ;)

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