The libvirt TCK provides a framework for performing testing of the integration between libvirt drivers, the underlying virt hypervisor technology, related operating system services and system configuration. The idea (and name) is motivated by the Java TCK.

Currently the libvirt TCK is not fully packaged for SUSE and the test suite itself contains a lot of Redhat-isms. Mike Latimer and Jim Fehlig will work on properly packaging libvirt TCK (it has a LOT of perl dependencies) and patching it to work better with SUSE virtualization hosts and SUSE guest operating systems. It has traditionally focused on the KVM hypervisor, so there might be some progress made to make it work better with Xen too.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

virtualization kvm xen qa

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Hack Week 10


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    • jfehlig
      over 10 years ago by jfehlig | Reply

      A long overdue update on our accomplishments throughout the week:

      • Package moved to OBS Virtualization:Tests/libvirt-tck. Package build is only enabled for openSUSE12.3/13.1/Factory to prevent polluting the project with unnecessary 'linkpacs' that would be required to build "older" openSUSE12.2, SLE11 SP3, etc. Even so, there are six packages linked from devel:languages:perl to satisfy build/runtime dependencies.
      • IBS Devel:Virt:SLE-11-SP3/libvirt-tck, which links to OBS Virtualization:Tests/libvirt-tck. SLE11 SP2/3 builds of libvirt-tck are enabled here. The project contains a massive number of 'linkpacs' to satisfy all the missing build/runtime dependencies in SLE11. Thanks to Mike for perseverance to track down this dependency mess and all the incompatible versions and other hair pulling issues!

      With the exception of openSUSE12.2, which will be EOL soon, this covers all our supported products. IMO, all the effort to package libvirt-tck is worth it. Having an easy way to install and run the test suite broadens it's userbase.

      • Package updated to latest upstream git master. The previous package was based on the old 0.1.0 release done in July 2009! A lot of tests have been added in the meantime, but no new release. On the one hand, I find that odd since a lot of folks in the libvirt community use libvirt-tck. But on the other, the packaging difficulty across distros encourages running the latest git on a CPAN configured perl setup. In fact, this is how I currently run libvirt-tck on the various libvirt packages SUSE maintains. I run a script that installs all the perl dependencies (and all the dependencies of the dependencies) from CPAN, clones libvirt-tck from git, patches it a bit, builds/installs it, and runs the tests.
      • Patched libvirt-tck to use SUSE guests (openSUSE12.3) in test domains created by the various libvirt-tck tests. Previously, the upstream default (fedora 19) was used. In most tests, guest OS type really doesn't matter. In fact, the guest OS might fail to boot, crash, etc., but the test still passes. E.g. testing libvirt's domain destroy operation does not require a functional OS running in the domain. But for some tests such as memory balloon, migration, filtering rules, etc., where a working guest OS is required, it would be better to use a SUSE OS to catch any potential driver issues and the like that may exist in the guest.

    • jfehlig
      over 10 years ago by jfehlig | Reply

      Another item I forgot to add to the list above

      • Fixed several of the domain hook script tests to work with SUSE init scripts

    • mlatimer
      over 10 years ago by mlatimer | Reply

      The build dependencies should all be resolved, but there are some runtime issues which are still being worked through. In order to avoid an especially painful perl dependency conflict in SLE11, I removed bunzip2 support. I don't think this will impact us much, but we may have to revisit this area in the future. The next big dependency chaos is with Net::SSH::Perl, which will likely be challenging in the SLE11 environment...

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