Dig into the zypper source code and resharp my C++ skills

Project Description

In our migration tests, we'd need to zypper (patch/install) so many packages and it's a time consuming task. We can lean how to shorten or faster it once we know how the zypper works. Not just read the manual, we'd dig directly to the source tour to know what's out there. Though that way, I can learn/resharp my C++ skills altogether.

Goal for this Hackweek

Read and understand what's under the hood for the zypper tools and what we migration team can use it smartly in our daily work.




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Hack Week 20


  • over 3 years ago: hjluo originated this project.

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    • stephenstewart
      25 days ago by stephenstewart | Reply

      Hello Tony, the project is already created into slope Github, right? :-)

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