Project Description

csbot is a hubot based bot connected to our production RocketChat instance. Most of the functionality in csbot is focused on fun with some scheduling tools available as well. Expanding csbot to have new features will be a fun way to do some creative Javascript coding and see the changes as they land (csbot has a CI/CD pipeline that pushes changes live as they merge!).

csbot is already running in production, so the focus is new features and expansion/improvement on existing features.

Any number of people are welcome to contribute to csbot, either by creating code changes or suggesting features to be implemented. Keep in mind that the framework this is built on, hubot, does not have nlu support, so the options are not as diverse as more modern bot frameworks.

Goal for this Hackweek

Add some cool new csbot functionality. Explore new or unusual ideas for a chatbot. Have a lot of fun.


csbot is available for anyone with access to the internal gitlab env at bot/csbot csbot has a pre-packaged development environment at bot/csbot-devel on the internal gitlab, this includes a local instance of RocketChat to test out changes

Looking for hackers with the skills:


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Hack Week 20


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