Last hackweek I created the pnp soundboard ->

This time I want to encourage other people then myself to use it :)

And I want to load the sounds on demand not at the beginning.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 19


  • over 3 years ago: Pastafly started this project.
  • over 3 years ago: Pastafly originated this project.

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    • Pastafly
      over 3 years ago by Pastafly | Reply

      This took longer as expected.

      • Updated the readme so that inexperienced users, windows and mac users can use it more easily.
      • Added only CI to check that all unit test are running fine
      • Created a demo on git hub pages
      • Tried to automatically update the demo (didn't work with github actions)
      • Registered in multiple RPG boards to provide a short description to the project and asked them to test it
      • Got one feature request, which I've implemented promptly
      • Created 2 releases

      Here you can find the demo and here you can find the source

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