This would be a multiple step solution, a first idea that I would explore would be:

  1. Query Florian's qam_reposervice API from RRID to base products and modules needed for update
  2. Use the repos URL's to create .repo files
  3. Put the .repo files in a folder to be used by salt and terraform, probable use sumaform
  4. After deployment of the right qcow2 image (the base product from before needs to be used), the IP and hostname of the hosts would be presented to the user.
  5. Ideally somewhere in between the installation test would be done in the hosts automatically. This is the last optional step that needs looking into.

I need to see what is already there in sumaform and decide how to complement it.

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    • ktsamis
      over 6 years ago by ktsamis | Reply

      Items 1+2 are done here. I still need to see how it can be used with sumaform/terraform. Also the mappings of modules and extensions to baseproducts needs resolving. Atm there is nothing getting checked

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