Project Description

We have a lot of solutions for the Edge like: Rancher, k3s, Elemental, SLE Micro but we don't have a complete end to end example solution the deliver these. For example if a Edge device at a customer location fails somebody without any knowledge should be able the replace the device. The installation and provisioning should be automatic, this should also be for new devices.

Goals for this Hackweek

  • Automated generation of the Elemental image
  • Automated creation of the cluster and configuration in Rancher
  • A method to deliver this image to the edge device (via network)
  • Installation of the operation system and K3s on the edge device
  • Joining the Edge Device to the Cluster
  • Installing the software on K3s on the Edge device (fleet)
  • Logging and Monitoring


Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 22


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