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I am often work remotely on my desktop. Remote work on the desktop is complicated by a nice desktop feature – automatic suspend. There already exists a desktop integration, so the desktop applications could prevent the suspend. But sshd is not included yet.

The hardware itself has advanced wake-up features. Besides Wake On Lan that could be controlled from the BIOS and wake on notebook lid open, there are possibilities like wake on USB and similar. These features are mapped to the kernel sysfs, but without a proper support from the userspace, one has to use hacks to get this working.

Goal for this Hackweek

I would like to learn the details of the current desktop wake blocking implementation. Then I would like to write a simple and clean tool that will make possible to extend it.

It would be nice to include a support for an user space wake-up control.

If time permits, I would like to include support for another kernel feature, wake locks, not yet used by desktop Linux systems.


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Hack Week 21


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