I have no one vision of a project just some mish-mash random things I would like to explore for some hacking fun

  • would like to continue previous work from hackweek11 on the Windows Protocol dissector, some messages are still incomplete, also there are some known bugs (well at least I know about them) that I would like to address

  • I have at least 2 half finished patches for Libreoffice, I haven't been active in the project since I changed roles, there are at least also some procedural things like a new bugzilla (that I need to migrate my account and credentials to) and additionally similarly something I need to do around openid for accessing the gerrit interface, these things that have to be done to contribute to the project and have been on the long finger for a long time

  • I would also like to explore some new language, I was thinking about Node.js I know very little about web-ish technologies and I am already a bona-fide dinosaur, at the very least my objectives would be to get familiar with the basics of the language by playing with the usual tutorials on the web, maybe I can also get some idea of some more concrete project from that and maybe flesh it out some more

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 12


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