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With CentOS 7 going EoL next year users need an option to move forward and keep receiving updates if needed. SUSE provides a solution to deliver patches to EL Linux for enterprise customers. Also, the restriction to access RHEL 9 codebase, SUSE in partnership with other companies, provided a solution to keep building RHEL alternatives (

The goal of this project is to develop a set of stalt states integrated with UYUNI server to help users easily migrate EL Linux flavors to SUSE Liberty Linux solution.

Use cases:

  • Register new machine to uyuni and automatically migrate to SUSE Liberty Linux
  • Migrate a machine already registered to uyuni

Goal for this Hackweek

Use Uyuni to easily migrate from EL to SLL.


  • Create a UYUNI/SUMA environment with EL7 and EL9 (can be rhel, centos, rocky, alma ...)
  • Register the minions and assigned the channels for the OS in use
  • Change the channels to use SLL of the corresponding version (in EL7 it will be SLES-ES)
  • Develop salt states to migrate the machine to be a SLES-ES
    • Look at the link which will remove some files and install the release packages


hack week repo data:


Migration test status.

  • Rhel 9: working
  • Rocky 9: working
  • Alma 9: working
  • Oracle 9: Working
  • Rhel 8: Working
  • Rocky 8:
  • Alma 8: Working
  • Oracle 8: Working
  • CentoOS 8: working
  • Rhel 7:
  • CentoOS 7: working
  • Oracle 7: working

Day 1

  • Focus on registered RHEL9 system in SUMA
  • Activation key already assigns the SLL9 repos
  • Initial sls file to do all the steps after registration to have the required files removed and the release rpm installed
  • Prepared it for RHEL 8 too
  • Tested on RHEL9 and it worked
  • tested with Rocky 9 to SLL and also worked (hack solution to remove rocky package)

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

  • Finishing testing more OS flavors migration
  • Improve code to allow migration of already registered systems
  • Cleaning migration formula and adding an option to select if packages should be re-installed

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

This project is part of:

Hack Week 23


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