Updatecli is a declarative dependency management tool, used to apply file update strategies.

It is designed to be used from everywhere, where each application "run" detects if a value needs to be updated using an update policy then apply changes according to the policy, commit the changes and finally open a pullrequest on GitHub/Gitlab/Stash.

Updatecli recently introduced in experimental mode, the ability to publish "update" policies on OCI registries such as ghcr.io The purpose is to share common update policies and then to reuse them using an update-compose.yaml

Goal for this Hackweek

My goal for the hackweek will be to create a git repository containing a marketplace of common update policy, including the tooling the automate the management of them.


The project involves:

  • YAML/GO templating, to write policies.
  • Golang to contribute missing features to Updatecli

Feel free to reach out if you have some ideas of Update policies that could be interesting for third project that we could implement.

Here are some examples of what we automate today

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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This project is part of:

Hack Week 23


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