cscope is a great tool index C/C++ sources and allow to navigate through the code. I have learned that the project is mostly dead and what is worse it uses its own database format to store the index. I would like to see some extended functionality in the tool - e.g. search whether a function A is reachable from B, filtering search results per-file, fix functions with function parameter detection (such functions are not recognized properly currently) and some others.

See if the cscope specific storage can be replaced by a more generic database (sqlite?) and understand how the code flow works so that new extensions would be easier to implement.

This might turn out as a complete disaster with "better not touch this" outcome, but let's try it at least.

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    • alnovak
      almost 10 years ago by alnovak | Reply

      I am not sure if cscope is worth the effort. Wouldn't it be easier to write it from scratch? Not that I understand the llvm, but those who do are claiming that it's super easy to use it for C indexing. See i.e.

      I can even imagine having the index built on top of the preprocessed code, that would mean not having to bother with choosing which one of the multiple definitions of one symbol do we have in our kernel.

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