openshot often crashes when working a lot with audio snippets. I would like to debug this and possibly fix it.

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  • over 8 years ago: sndirsch originated this project.

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    • sndirsch
      over 8 years ago by sndirsch | Reply

      Looks like at least one issue is in python2 itself. :-( python: malloc.c:3699: intmalloc: Assertion `victim->fdnextsize->bknextsize == victim' failed.

    • sndirsch
      over 8 years ago by sndirsch | Reply

      Meanwhile I figured out that the latest release is from Oct 2012. 7 minor commits since then (until Oct 2013). Then has been a kickstarter project for a cross-platform openshot. New release was planned for end of 2013. There are still status updates (latest from Sep 21015), but nothing you can download and test yet. Meanwhile the new project is called openshot 2.0. Not sure if it makes sense to touch the old code base any longer.

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