5 small projects in one hack week

I always try to take on something bigger than I can complete in Hackweek, and then wallow in my frustrations for weeks after. This time I'm doing something different: one small project every day; 5 accomplishments; 5 successes. I invite you to join me. Post your mini-projects in the comments.

Goal for this Hackweek

  1. Finish something small
  2. Finish something small
  3. Finish something small
  4. Finish something small
  5. Start something big ;-)

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 23


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    • bear454
      7 months ago by bear454 | Reply

      1. I updated https://suse-enceladus.github.io/ to being generated via Lektor & Github Actions, instead of static HTML.
      2. Continued refinement of the suse-enceladus site. I learned some new optimization techniques, experimented with removing some content, learned how to optimize webp images, and built a responsive navbar from scratch! I'll be writing up some documentation this evening, and then handing the site back to my team :D
      3. Taking what I learned in days 1 & 2, I'm leveraging that to do a bigger web refresh. I was able to create renovate the LinuxFest Northwest site (https://lfnw.org) in a similar fashion. The basic page structure is complete today. Tomorrow I will work on extending the flow blocks to cover all necessary components, and creating a template that can be used for future events.
      4. Finished up the LFNW site renovation, sent it out for peer review. I learned how to implement maps with leaflet, and did some heavy lifting with CSS grids & flexboxes, as well as learning to do masking with SVGs. I'm really happy about how it turned out, and while it's not as slim as the SUSE-Enceladus site, the new revision is about a third the download size of the current page, and much more responsive.

      • bear454
        7 months ago by bear454 | Reply

        The load time on a 4G device went down from almost 4s to just over 1s!

        screenshot: https://slack-files.com/T042XB96V-F06557FFR5K-44dc478e85

    • jjanes
      7 months ago by jjanes | Reply

      I was thinking of doing the same approach this week! Still trying to get some releases out the door before I can start though unfortunately.

      • bear454
        7 months ago by bear454 | Reply

        The 3 days (or 2 days) of Hackweek is still a solid approach ;-)

    • bear454
      7 months ago by bear454 | Reply

      Friday got swallowed up with work, but I was determined to squeeze in just a bit more hacking, and as a result, I built a home Minecraft multi-world server; it's running Leap, and using podman pods (first time using podman). All the Minecraft services are in user space. P.S. It's on Atari hardware which just feels fun.

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