My proposal for hack week is to dive into diagramming for the doc(s) team(s) as I've struggled to give it the decent block of time it needs.

There are a few iterative parts:

  • Refine and expand the requirements
  • Select a few tools, one or two diagrams-as-code tools, one or two more interactive tools
  • Do some work with them, produce my two current requirement diagrams, consider the trials and tribulations.
  • Make the recommendations for moving forwards, a report, as a small Docusaurus site.

The requirements:

  • Text based format for diagram files. At a minimum SVG or XML.
  • Usable on Linux, Mac, Win, or via the web
  • Open Source project compatible. So, leaning away from commercial tools and towards, say, Mermaid.js
  • Standards, not much out there, maybe C4 architecture diagramming, or UML
  • Simplicity is best, we don't have many diagrams. But extensibility to consider.
  • Consider merits of Diagram-as-Code vs Interactive editors

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 23


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  • Comments

    • mariah9x
      2 months ago by mariah9x | Reply

      Your proposal for Hack Week sounds fantastic! Consider the preferences and wordle skill levels of your team members when making your recommendation.

    • tuancho
      about 1 month ago by tuancho | Reply

      My suggestion for your hack week was great and I really opened up a nyt wordle lot of new knowledge in this field.

    • Samuel34
      7 days ago by Samuel34 | Reply

      Regarding the diagram file format, Mermaid.js uses a code-based format cookie clicker, which can be saved as SVG or XML. This suits your requirements very well.

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