Monasca is "Monitoring at Scale" for OpenStack and cloud services. It is a little tricky to run in its current form. There are a number of services that make up Monasca, and a number of underlying services (kafka, zookeeper, spark, etc) that are needed.

Add on top of that Ceilosca (Ceilometer metering using Monasca as a back end) and the list gets longer.

There are nice GUI dashboards that come out of Monasca to show the status of all the things being monitored. But how do you monitor the monitoring from the command line, especially if something is going wrong?

My first approach to this is a simple shell script to run on an devstack installation that loops through a list of services, calls 'systemctl status' on each, trims down to just the first few lines, and spews them to the command line. But there are another batch of services (ceilometer related) that are only listed in the 'screen' sessions that devstack spawns.

I'd done a project in the past using python curses to monitor a batch of services, and it was pretty fun.

I'd like something convenient you can run in a terminal that would give you a quick view of which services are up and which are down. Bonus points for active monitoring. More points for coloring.

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  • over 7 years ago: joadavis originated this project.

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    • joadavis
      over 7 years ago by joadavis | Reply

      Got pretty far on this. Just need to polish a bit of user interface and allow scrolling through the output.

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