Imagine you are sitting in the subway and suddenly the woman of your dreams sits down next to you. You are thinking hard about what to say to her, but since you are too shy she gets out three stops later and you never see her again. What if you both would have had an application running on your phones, to help you come over that awkward situation of just saying "Hi!"?

How does it work? Some apps with a similar idea exist using GPS signal. They are not very convenient since people in your GPS proximity are not always close and in optical range. I think, this idea needs to be implemented using WLAN. Mobile Devices will connect with each other only when they are actually close. This means, that if someone says Hi! to me, I will start looking around and eventually have to spot the person somewhere in my surrounding. I can either start the conversation right away or quickly browse the profile and see if I want to say Hi! back. If I suddenly need to leave I can decide if I want to stay connected via Facebook.

What to learn? In order to make this application useful it needs to run simultaneously on iOs, Android and Windows Phones. So developers will practice their skills on all three platforms. I would like to understand the product life phases "design", "development" and "use" of the development process of a software product, how they are related and what activity groups have to be assigned to which phase.

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