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I have a DIY 3D printer which I am updating and modifying for about 4 years now. Originally it was a Voron 1.6 model but over the course of time I modeled my own parts and at this point it did depart quite a bit from here. This project is about doing further redesign and improvements in general. There are couple of tasks I can pick from and I will do so depending whether I feel like 3D modelling or digging into software side of things.

Goal for this Hackweek

Choice A: Redesigning printing head (probably XY axis as well) * current one seems to be producing artifacts due to instability * has exposed connectors

  • New printing head will have:
    • 2 linear rails instead of one
    • 2 40mm radial part cooling fans
    • Omron TL-Q5MC2 inductive probe
    • Dragon hotend
    • hotend cooling - probably 30mm fan due to space constraints

Horizontal X might be an interesting concept to try

Choice B: klipper monitoring using grafana/influxDB/telegraf

  • research telegraf/influxDB/grafana setup for monitoring
  • collect general data from Raspberry Pi controller
  • collect printer data from Klipper

Choice C: LCD screen and Raspberry pi case

  • Raspberry and LCD are mounted together
  • currently there is no case for them, only a frame
  • case should have ideally a small fan for better cooling

Final Result


CAD models:
- Front view:
- Side view:
- X-axis:
- Cross section - side:
- Cross section - front:

Photo and video: - 3D printer: - Toolhead closeup: - Short video:

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 23


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    • lpalovsky
      8 months ago by lpalovsky | Reply


    • lpalovsky
      7 months ago by lpalovsky | Reply

      I ended up working on option A: Redesigning printing head (probably XY axis as well)

      New toolhead has all the components I wanted:
      - 2x Radial blower part cooling fan
      - Dragon hotend
      - 30mm hotend cooling fan
      - Omron TL-Q5MC2 inductive probe

      Additionally I purchased TMC2209 stepper drivers and enabled sensorless homing which allow homing without using endstop switches. I had to as well remodel X-axis joints because previous ones used only one linear rail.

      Parts were modeled in Autodesk Fusion 360 and printed on original printer - yes, printer was printing itself!

      Disclosure: Models for components like fans, screws, hotend... etc were not mine, but taken from grabcad library. I designed only body which holds all components together (grey, red and black parts :D)

    • lpalovsky
      7 months ago by lpalovsky | Reply

      Models published on my github:

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