About 3 years ago I wrote some Python and Kivy code for my Samsung Galaxy S4 in QPython. Unfortunately, QPython updated and broke its kivy compatibility. I've been waiting for them to fix it, but mostly have given up. So instead, just investigate how to turn the kivy code into an .apk for installation on an Android device! There are directions for this on the kivy website.

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    • joadavis
      about 6 years ago by joadavis | Reply

      It worked! Took some fiddling, but found that loading the VM (for VirtualBox) from the kivy site and using buildozer verion 0.32 (newer versions failed on the VM) was needed to make it build successfully. Then once I go the usb sharing to the vm right, I loaded the .apk and was able to run it and see debug output.

      For next hack week, considering writing new apps and trying to make it work on an Amazon FireStick.

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