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It is time to resurrect the dreaded green owl of legend, and return to learning some languages.

Goal for this Hackweek

Complete 7 units in at least one language (this is a rough idea; may need to be lower or higher; will have better idea after day 1!) Am mostly interested in learning to read unfamiliar writing systems, and relearning vocab I've forgotten.


duolingo; an old book I have in a drawer; the internet

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 23


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    • zzaimeche
      8 months ago by zzaimeche | Reply

      I forgot to say how it turned out! I completed 14 units in the end (though about half were French, which I'm more familiar with from school, so I finished those faster, even though I was starting from halfway through the course). I found it very hard to concentrate on day 2, for some reason, but the rest of the week was fine. I split the units between 5 languages, which helped it stay varied. I wondered if I'd get confused doing it that way, but I didn't, it just stopped it getting boring.

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