Our beloved competitor developed and use project-wide message bus called Fedora Infrastructure Message Bus. This project was already adapted, or is being adapted, also by Debian community.

During Lucky Thirteen I want to get deeply familiar with the concept and implementation, deploy test scenario and write plugins for OBS and openQA to talk to each other. Idea, or use case, is to replace static cron jobs pulling for changes by push based fedmsg notifications, increase awareness of what is going on (by watching bus, emailer for interesting events) and even open way for other potential social usage (resurrect karma plugin, etc.).

They, Fedora, already provide some handy fedmsg plugins to hook in other services like bugzilla, mailer, irc bot, ... .

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • oholecek
      over 8 years ago by oholecek | Reply

      Time for some results!

      First day I spent with packaging all the requirements (first time that I packaged python modules, so it took a little longer) and fedmsg itself. Everything needed is for now in home:oholecek:fedmsg.
      Setup of fedmsg and openQA plugin was done quite easily (openQA plugin depends on not yet merged PR#476) and by the end of the next day I have had openQA publishing its events on fedmsg!
      Trouble started when I tried to attach IRCbot plugin provided by fedmsg which apparently wasn't as straightforward as I thought. Trying to solve this hiccup took me next day, but at least I understood 0mq and Moksha a little better. To add insult to injury, at the end the problem was that I used too long IRCbot nick! facepalm

      OBS Time!

      After openQA<->fedmsg part basically done, I started my venture into OBSland. Since I had no previous experience with code of OBS I merely deployed personal test instance into container, cloned git repo and tried to poke it to see what happens.
      Long story short, I don't have OBS plugin for fedmsg, yet.


      Throughout this exercise I ask myself multiple times (especially when I was hunting down that damned IRC bot) what fedmsg has that plain 0mq doesn't. Whether it would be feasible to come with something similar but, let's say, more suited for our infra:

      • if I disregard my error and pain with the IRC, fedmsg deployment is rather simple and comes with plenty tools. I didn't deploy 0mq so far so I can't comment of it's complexity, but I couldn't find any readily available CLI tools for debugging (at least at TW repository).
      • one config change topic_prefix='org.opensuse' and we have .. osmsg?
      • open question is if static and distributed endpoints configuration is ok for us or would prefer either automated or static and centralized configuration. My test setup is only two hosts wide, but I took look at fedora's configuration and what they have looks daunting.

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