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Last year's project Preserve SUSE's history revealed a huge amount of old SUSE boxes and other stock. Together with the SUSE Museum (currently still boxed while there are still construction works going on in the new office) the idea was to present all of these treasures also in digital form.

To see where I want this to go I quickly created, however these are some statically generated pages created with Bash scripts, not only consuming a huge amount of bandwidth as even the preview images are transferred in full resolution, but also horribly slow.

To learn more about current web technologies find a suitable framework and present the museum in a more modern way.



Had a look at possible framework candidates and compared the features and concepts of Angular, Node.js and Vue.js. Additionally had a look at Web Components. Vue.js seemed to be the most promising approach (and additionally has the advantage that I can also use the knowledge for Fuel Ignition). Did the tutorial and tried to come up with possible ways to use it.

Disadvantage: When using Vue.js client side a very recent web browser is required. This may not be ideal for an archive project, where I'm thinking more of a "write once, run forever" approach...

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • gowtham52
      about 2 years ago by gowtham52 | Reply

      Hey @fos, It's nice idea to work on. And my suggestion for the framework is angular.

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