• Puppet Chef and similar tools are for Admins to Enforce state, but this is too forceful for a distribution wanting to allow admins to override our settings.
  • How do I know if a config file is modified by an end user?
  • How do I know the config of Item YYYYYY for service XXXXXX?
  • How do I preserve and query config file options while doing an rpm upgrade.
  • How do I ask interactive questions during a package install without breaking non interactive installs?
  • How can I share config "profiles" for new installs non interactively without a scripting tool like puppet?
  • How do I decide if a config question is important or should be defaulted, when users want different levels of control?


  • debian has an application called Debconf that has these functions. but other usecases and limitations exist.
  • debconf does not allow me to store what modified a config file.
  • debconf does not have the concept of clusters.
  • debconf is mostly in ugly perl.
  • debconf is not a good mix with rpm.


  • Postinstall scripts can query settings for all dependency packages and its self.
  • Questions can be asked interactively but if interactivity is not available questions will not answered and nothing will break.
  • Questions can be given priority so low priority questions can be answered by default.
  • Answers can trigger config events.


  • I should like to get people of like mind together to design requirements and specifications to get this project ready to start coding. We might even start coding.

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    • lrupp
      almost 10 years ago by lrupp | Reply

      How do I know if a config file is modified by an end user?

      rpm -V $packagename S.5....T. c /etc/$packageconfig

      The Feature is open since years for openSUSE:

      • osynge
        almost 10 years ago by osynge | Reply

        Sadly this does not tell me if it was modified by a user or by YAST or by the post install script

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