The Allwinner Tech Optimus Board by Merrii is the evaluation board for the Allwinner A80 SoC with big.LITTLE Cortex-A15/-A7 configuration (32-bit ARMv7).

The sources leaked from Allwinner contain GPL violations in U-Boot and Linux kernel and therefore won't easily build with openSUSE's armhf gcc (binaries seem to be softfp).

Initial mainline kernel support is being prepared for v3.19. I succeeded in booting via USB-loaded binary downstream U-Boot, but neither SD nor USB nor Ethernet were enabled yet, so no rootfs.

I have prepared a draft patch for adding MMC/SD nodes to the device tree a week before Hackweek Interstellar, which likely depends on forward-porting pinctrl drivers first.

Upstream U-Boot would be another area that A80 support could be contributed to, for native device tree support.

Looking for hackers with the skills:


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    • a_faerber
      over 9 years ago by a_faerber | Reply

      As a workaround transferring a full rootfs as initramfs (suggestion algraf) had failed with libusb errors from the fel tool.

    • a_faerber
      over 9 years ago by a_faerber | Reply

      Upstream work by others enabled USB, allowing me to successfully boot into an openSUSE armv7hl rootfs on a USB hard drive. SD is still not working.

    • a_faerber

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