Getting more familiar with DAWs [1] and other audio programs and arrange a song

  • Tutorials on LinkedIn for Garageband (Mac) and Audacity (Linux)

  • Tutorials of MuseScore (Linux) in their Youtube channel


My cover version of Alturas by Inti Illimani is now available on Soundcloud.

Some details about the project:

  • Flute set with MuseScore (MIDI/Linux) and Audio generated by Garageband (Mac)
  • Guitars and bass recorded by myself via Yamaha THR30II Wireless/Garageband
  • Drums by Garageband
  • Keys autogenerated by iRealPro (Mac)

Some pictures and screenshots from the project are available here

[1] DAW: Digital Audio Workstation

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Hack Week 23


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    • AZhou
      9 months ago by AZhou | Reply

      Audacity is more considered as a audio editor, for DAW, maybe you could try Ardour or Zrythm?

      • sndirsch
        9 months ago by sndirsch | Reply

        I used to use Audacity as DAW for recording before. Didn't have really problems with that, just needed to configure latency offset. But this time I'm using Garageband on Mac.

        In addition I was using iRealPro (also Mac) for autogenerating a scratchtrack with Drums, Keys, Guitar and Bass. Apart from Keys track I replaced all tracks with bass/guitar recordings and drums using Garageband.

        I've also added a flute track using musescore (where unfortunately the beat is a bit off; must be related to MIDI fonts, attack time too long?) and more recorded guitar tracks.

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