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The idea is put in place a test coverage tool like JaCoCo, JCov or Cobertura, connected to the java server and run the full test suite, to see which blocks of code are triggered. We already are using some test coverage tool for java unit tests, this card aims to be a spike to research about running Cucumber test with a test coverage tool.

Goal for this Hackweek

  • Find features not fully covered through our test-suite
  • Discover obsolete code (methods or classes), which are never triggered in any workflow.
  • Generate a map of features and files(or even piece of code that cover), with the idea of doing reverse engineering and be able to know which Cucumber feature can be broken when we merge a PR.


  • From one side we can improve our test coverage in the test suite to cover those functionalities in the suma server (spacewalk-java component) that we are not testing.
  • From the other side it will allow us to know (on suma-server code) which classes or methods are never triggered, helping to clean product code.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

susemanager test-coverage

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Hack Week 22


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    • mariah9x
      about 1 month ago by mariah9x | Reply

      Good project! By identifying areas of code with insufficient test coverage, the project will enable improvements to the test suite mapquest, ensuring that all critical functionalities are adequately tested.

    • agelababypp
      14 days ago by agelababypp | Reply

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