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Setting up and populating image registries can be a lengthy and error prone task. The idea is to create a CLI / web tool for managing and automatically syncing (mirroring) images to a custom registry. This would be an interesting project that would result in a helpful tool that can save time and reduce human error (mistagging).

Goal for this Hackweek

Create a CLI tool that can automatically synchronize registries on a periodic basis. Potentially create a web UI to manage the sync'er and to view the images currently in the registry. Ideally this tool would support multiple image registry flavors (docker, harbor, maybe others). Allow users of the tool to determine images which must be sync'ed using custom scripts written in their language of choice (so long as it can be exec'd directly).

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Hack Week 22


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    • jzerebecki
      over 1 year ago by jzerebecki | Reply

      You might find useful some parts of

    • moio
      over 1 year ago by moio | Reply

      Also potentially interesting, if saving bandwidth between registries is a concern:

    • j_renner
      over 1 year ago by j_renner | Reply

      We worked on a related project (integrating skopeo for scheduling registry sync from the Uyuni UI) here:

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