Extract video snippets of two 90 minutes drum circles that we recently organized. Create a short video clip of 2-3 minutes length, using open source software.

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Hack Week 12


  • over 9 years ago: ta-ro originated this project.

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    • ta-ro
      over 9 years ago by ta-ro | Reply

      Done. Installed several video editors yesterday (kino, openshot, kdenlive) and tried them. Decided for kdenlive in the end, as this one seemed the most usable. Extracting the snippets, combining them and adding transitions between them was no problem. Also video and audio could be kept in sync.

    • pgonin
      over 9 years ago by pgonin | Reply

      I am having a hard time to find a good video edition software on Linux. I will take another look at kdenlive.

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