Project Description

A visualization tool that directly digests ftrace function traces and provides easier to understand timing diagrams with the ability to quickly look up functions from within the program.

Tools like KernelShark allow for easier debugging of Kernel issues using ftrace, however we often do not have the ability to put trace-cmd on customer systems just to collect the kind of traces KernelShark needs. Being able to generate visualizations from the default function traces is helpful in these situations.

Goal for this Hackweek

A parser that converts ftrace output into a handy structure in a program (python, ruby) and a prototype visualization that can take ftrace output and generate an interactive visualization of timings and delays with direct links to kernel code and docs.


ftrace, debugging, visualization

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Hack Week 21


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    • shunghsiyu
      12 months ago by shunghsiyu | Reply

      You might be interested in TRAPpy which seems to to be able to convert ftrace output to interactive plot.

      OTOH for parsing text-based ftrace output to handy structure there's corakwue/ftrace, and I've also got a more limited script that only works for IOMMU tracepoints; for visualization, Perfetto looks pretty neat as well.

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