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codename: opensuse-redir-cache

  • PoC with perl-WWW-Curl multi parallel HEAD requests + cache | one perl thread per connection? Heuristics on cache-re-use ; send large files to mirrorcache & serve small files directly or understand+adopt of N parallel requests, 1 is a GET request and N-1 are HEAD requests to learn about existance, size, mtime on other servers. - or GET directory/ to discover many files at the same time, similar to MirrorCache Do special handling for unversioned repomd.xml* to use newest file from N mirrors.

use Net::HTTPServer Can use for cache - but probably slows things down for small files

/suse/bwiedemann/Export/contrib/zypp/ for perl-WWW-Curl usage

re-use code to find best mirrors - in bernhard@vm12b:~/public_html/linux/opensuse/bench-http

might add code for low-bandwidth ops later

add cache TTL heuristic similar to varnish

Goal for this Hackweek

check out MirrorCache scanner to see if it can be parallelized with curl's multi requests. If that turns out to be too hard, build an own local HTTP-proxy in perl.


Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 22


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