Project Description

Let's write a decent replacement for software-o-o. We want to choose the right technologies for the project, as technologies and missing volunteers is where we failed this time.

The decommission for the current codebase was already announced

Goal for this Hackweek

We want to provide a best-in-class solution for people who are looking for software that is not part of their installation. And ensure that they get the best possible service (just an idea: recommendation of vendors (OBS devel project, home projects) based on thumbs up / thumbs down or download stats. It needs to work with compex projects like Leap, that aggregate packages from different OBS projects (SLE, Leap, Backports ...)

WE WANT TO AVOID SINGLE CLICK INSTALL support as / reddit / discord is full of people who accidentally enabled either Leap reprepositories on Tumbleweed or vice versa. is currently the best command line interface solution for the job. Perhaps we could use the same functionality, use the same endpoints and turn it into a web app and extend it.


We need to find long-term maintenance for this community service. So far we have 0 dedicated resources. And this is where we fail.

Current code-base (ruby-2.5 is blocking any application of security patches etc). Let's use the right tech for the right tool and ensure that there are people who can help. (staging instance) (prod instance) ) lkocman or openSUSE Heroes can do deployments of new version

Similar projects (hellcp is the maintainer), also ruby

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 21


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    • andriinikitin
      13 days ago by andriinikitin | Reply

      It is worth noting that some functionality in this project may overlap with planned work for MirrorCache. The focus in MirrorCache will be to collect and display download statistics (from download.o.o ), but it should be possible to list all projects that provide a package for a particular distribution. The only downside will be that MirrorCache will be able to display only those projects which have traffic through download.o.o

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