Project Description

In this project I would like to extend the capabilities of the SLE Release Management Container. This container is used by some colleagues in the SLE Release Management team to have access to osc and other Release Management critical commands inside a container environment. This includes the beta-emails project to send our beta announcements.

Right now the container only installs the basic dependencies for the beta-emails project. But beta-emails requires further dependencies to be installed via npm and gem. These are currently executed manually, at the first run of the container. I would like to get these dependencies installed within the container build.

This will likely require a git submodule to add the up-to-date version of beta-emails in the container build environment without calling git (as it is a non-public GitLab repo, which requires user authentication).

Goal for this Hackweek

I would like to get the dependencies for beta-emails installed within the container build and remove all build dependencies for those dependencies (npm and the whole compile stack).


Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 21


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