When automating tasks often the requirement comes up to retry commands, for example when network connections are involved and commands do not return successfully immediately or if resources are temporarily not available. Sometimes a simple for-loop in bash is sufficient. Sometimes it is necessary to use additional waiting between retries, sometimes timeouts are desired. Getting all those combinations right can be tedious and error-prone so a generic "retry" command should be available in usual environments so we should provide a retry command to openSUSE distributions.


  • G1: A "retry" command is submitted to openSUSE:Factory as part of a package


  • Research existing approaches and distributions
  • Package existing solution or develop alternative on your own
  • Submit package to a devel repository and then openSUSE:Factory and work on feedback


Further details

There are some "best practices" like and . There are also existing commands, like but it seems to unmaintained and even fails to build so maybe is a better start.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

linux retry bash github coreutils packaging

This project is part of:

Hack Week 21


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  • Comments

    • okurz
      10 months ago by okurz | Reply

      Couldn't wait until hackweek so made it a small weekend project :D Based on what I had in I created including proper README, license, tests, CI, spec file for a package. An according package in OBS setup to be triggered from github following

    • minfrin
      3 months ago by minfrin | Reply

      While alternative implementations are great, please be careful with naming. The “retry” tool is already out the box in Debian, Ubuntu, and Nix, and in the queue for EPEL. It is currently available for Suse via copr. If you create a different tool with the same name but different command line options into opensuse it creates chaos for everyone.

      • okurz
        about 2 months ago by okurz | Reply

        Thanks for the comment. I researched earlier if I could find existing solutions in various distributions and I had not found the applications you mentioned at that time. Regarding copr, do you mean ?

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