Project Description

Explore how samba could fit in the cloud world:

  • How Azure SMB works?
  • Can samba replace/be compatible with Azure SMB?
  • Can CTDB be replaced with librados or etcd?
  • Can winbind daemon be containerized to provide AD integration service to other containers?
  • Can samba + ctdb be containerized to create a samba cluster?

Goal for this Hackweek

  • Understand how Azure SMB works, in particular authentication.
  • Measure the peformance of librados and etcd vs ctdb
  • Create a PoC for at least one of the above questions.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 21


  • almost 2 years ago: scabrero originated this project.

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    • scabrero
      almost 2 years ago by scabrero | Reply


      • Learned to deploy and manage a CEPH cluster using Kubernetes and rook
      • Allow to choose different database backends for the samba internal databases
      • Wrote a generic "dbwrap" testsuite to test the different database backends behavior, including transactions and record locking.
      • RADOS dbwrap backend PoC passing the new testsuite
      • Performance is ridiculous, ~125 times slower than the default tdb backend but the bottleneck is the CEPH cluster. I have to deploy a real production cluster with several nodes and try again.
      • Code in

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