Create a selector of BCI-language containers, python, java, go, etc, to pull and build the proper image and compile and run files of the selected language in local shared volume. Provide the project as Github repo.

Project Description

Pre select compiled / interpreted type, Language, Version, Achitecture at operator input;

possibly auto-detect the language based on the file code, with default Arch and version latest

Collect/pull proper image from repository

Define the local volume name

Define binding ports for tcp communication

Set a default Dockerfile

Customize the Dockerfile for a better work environment to be defined.

Builld the image

For compiled laguages run the BCI compiler and build the image

For compiled and interpreted lang. run the code

Local volume will contain all the source and object code and the input/output data files

Create tests

Create a github repo with readme description

Goal for this Hackweek

Set the structure of the BCI multi language runner for at least one language

run some example

Create the Git repo.


Language Container Images / Container images providing language SDKs and runtimes

BCI tests


containers, base container images, languages, compiler,

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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This project is part of:

Hack Week 21


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