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There are lots of indie musicians who are not very aware of protecting their copyright and it is hard to determine plagiarism in music. I believe a digital signature could be useful to present copyright on court without damaging and altering the soundings of a song. But I am also aware that a signature alone may not be sufficient to protect copyrights and it is able to bypass it.

This project is to conduct a preliminary research on applying audio steganography to generate a digital signature as an approach to protect copyright without changing anything in the original song and soundtracks. It might need some knowledge of steganography, data compression(maybe), audio encoding and decoding, digital signature and crypto...

Goal for this Hackweek

To research and come up with an approach is applicable to generate digital signatures for a given music file (desirably .wav format since it is used as recording format). It would be more ideal to build a demo program to generate a signature for a file but considering the overall workload of this program, it could be very challenging.


I am kinda familiar with crypto, staganography and musical instruments and recoding, but not an expert in audio encoding and decoding. So I guess I need do some research on how to convert audio files into bytes and manipulate them.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 21


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