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A Windows init system based on ignition and combustion for Humans.

Working with unattend.xml files is challenging and doesn't always cover an entire use case. Often building a Windows image with a tool like Packer is part of a solution. The last step is then initializing the produced image configuring user accounts, hostname, etc. There are limited solutions to solve this problem and why Acetylene will exist.

The goal of Acetylene is to provide a system, written in .NET, for Windows that can consume a standard ignition file and even support the combustion concepts. The combustion component will just use PowerShell instead of Bash since it's Windows.

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Goal for this Hackweek

To get basic bootstrapping of Windows with an ignition file to include:

  • Hostname
  • User accounts
  • SSH Keys
  • Combustion file execution.


If anyone wants to help, a willingness to learn about Windows is all that is required.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

ignition combustion dotnet

This project is part of:

Hack Week 21


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    • lramage
      over 1 year ago by lramage | Reply

      What is an unattend.xml?

      Is it possible to expand the scope of this slightly? I'm curious about this project, but I have a few different requirements.

      1. I'm targeting Gentoo, not Windows.
      2. I would prefer using Python instead of .NET.
      3. Support for OpenRC instead of systemd.

      I have a similar goal in mind, and I'm hoping we could work together, at least at an architecture level.

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