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The DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K is a PCI Express capture card featuring one 6G-SDI and one HDMI 2.0a connection. It can record all formats uncompressed up to 2160p30. The big difference with this card compared to many other capture cards is that it captures all the raw data uncompressed. This allows for it to be used for automatic testing of graphics cards.

Blackmagic provides a Linux driver for this card but it is proprietary and provides only a custom interface/SDK to access the card. We need this to be a fully functional V4L2 device and preferably work on non x86_64 architectures.

The existing driver consists of a proprietary blob and an open shim. To reverse engineer the device I plan to use tracing on the shim part of the proprietary driver.

Goal for this Hackweek

The goal would be to have a working V4L2 device driver that can eventually be upstreamed into the kernel.


DeckLink - Techical Specifications

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Hack Week 20


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