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openQA job group review script had already been developed in previous hackweeks:



Posted review results in job group page looks like:

Build 162.7

Arch x86_64

Status AMBER


  • Failed by Product Issues (17.6% 3 in total):

    • Bug referenced: bsc#1111111 THIS IS BUG ONE

      • Test Suite 1
      • Test Suite 2
  • Softfailed (29.4% 5 in total):

    • Bug referenced: bsc#2222222 THIS IS BUG TWO

      • Test Suite 3
      • Test Suite 4

It honestly summarizes test suites run results by percentage and failure pattern/reason, associated product bug or automation fix, and whether a failure is being followed up or in pending status on the job group level which gives an overview quickly and clearly.

I was wondering whether it would be more helpful or interesting if:

  • Compare software packages between the current and last builds to let people know whether a software package is modified or not

  • Investigate and implement the above by using Golang

  • Learn new things from above work items

Goal for this Hackweek

Finish the project


Automatic openQA review script repo


Looking for hackers with the skills:

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This project is part of:

Hack Week 20


  • about 3 years ago: waynechen55 originated this project.

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    • waynechen55
      about 3 years ago by waynechen55 | Reply

      Multiple extensions in SLES 15

      Get software packages listings from multiple builds

      Golang has inbuilt concurrency support: lightweight processes (via go routines), channels, select statement

      SLES does not have Golang installed by default

      Standalone golang script that serves SLES builds comparsion

      Call golang script in automatic openqa review script by using os.system:

      ./ -d sle -v 15-SP3 -b 163.1 -g 263 -a x86_64 -s -p -c

      Boosts efficiency tremendously: 87s → 24s with bad network, 49s → 14s with good network


    • waynechen55

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