Project Description

GTK+ software for two-factor authentication that supports both TOTP and HOTP.

Goal for this Hackweek

  • Complete the port to GTK 4.0 (#184)
  • Rework the UI to move away from GtkTreeView (#123)


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Kanban for v3.0:

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Hack Week 20


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  • Comments

    • pstivanin
      9 months ago by pstivanin | Reply

      Day 1: porting C code to GTK4 is proceeding well. I now have to deal with manually rewriting all UI files, because GLADE doesn't support GTK4

    • pstivanin
      9 months ago by pstivanin | Reply

      Day 2: I'm done with the XML part! Now all the UI files have been ported to GTK4. I also took the occasion to split the big UI file into some smaller files.

    • pstivanin
      9 months ago by pstivanin | Reply

      Day 3: I'm done with the GTK4 code porting :) now I have to fix some stuff here and there before compiling and running the GTK4 version.

    • pstivanin
      9 months ago by pstivanin | Reply

      Day 4: GTK4 is officially done. The stats are: 31 files changed, 1434 insertions(+), 2327 deletions(-) Now I have to check whether it runs correctly or not :) Then I'll move over to refactoring the UI.

    • pstivanin
      8 months ago by pstivanin | Reply

      Day 5: I've been looking into the various possibilities for the new UI. I will take the opportunity to completely refactor the code to apply the latest GTK standards. Most likely, the new UI will be using GtkColumnViewColumn, so users won't be too affected by the move from GtkTreeView.

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