Research and develop tools to improve efficiency

an idea by zyuhu

Project Description

1. A tool to review SLEPerf dashboard results

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Leveraging Ceph in the Harvester project

an idea by kieferchang

Project Description

The Harvester project currently uses Longhorn as its underlying storage. Trying to use Ceph as alternative storage should be fun.

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Bonus project: Chameleon paintings

a project by kstreitova

This is an extra project for Hack Week evenings because there is never enough chameleons. Never.

Project Description

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Learn Real Time Linux on Raspberry Pi aarch64 and build 4WD robot

a project by jahudson

Project Description

I plan to learn how to program for PREEMPT-RT (Real Time) patched Linux kernel on aarch64 architecture. I will use a digital oscilloscope and a raspberry pi to compare preempt vs preempt-rt kernels on aarch64 vs a micro-controller. I then plan to build a 4WD robot utilizing the Raspberry Pi, I2C sonar sensors, DC motor controller and camera.

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HobbyFarm Help

a project by baumaeam

Project Description

HobbyFarm is an interactive, browser-based learning tool for cloud native technologies. It is used to deliver both virtual and in-person training on technologies such as Rancher. The project was originally started out of a desire for such a tool coupled with disinterest or incompatibilities with existing similar offerings.

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Rancher Releases

a project by jpayne

Project Description

Releasing rancher is currently a complex process and requires release captains to make alot of manual commits. Much of this work is very procedural. Our goal is to automate the more mundane tasks to make it faster and easier for new release captains to get started.

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Loganalyzer/LIDS with OSSEC

a project by rwawrig

Project Description

Creating an alarm system in case of a rogue app filling up disk space with logs, system error or break-in attempt.

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Jitsi for Hackweek

a project by rsimai

Primarily to support Hackweek, but also to gain experience for a potential future corporate use, I like to run the open source Jitsi in a SUSE context and within a setup that is close to what SUSE IT is doing. The service will be built in AWS/EKS within the SUSE E&I space and should be up and running on day 1, but will need love during the 5 Hackweek days to

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Add Valgrind checks to Libgcrypt

a project by pmonrealgonzalez

Project Description

The regression tests in Libgcrypt could benefit from having memory leak detection checks. These checks could be run optionally during build time. One well suited tool for this purpose is Valgrind.

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Upstream support for RPi4 CM4 and Pi400

a project by nsaenzjulienne

Project Description

Although opensuse already supports CM4 and Pi400, there isn't an upstream devicetree for those boards. My plan is to spend the week implementing them. Sadly it's a project where collaboration is hard. But I'll be happy to try.

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